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Viveur Eyewear in collaboration with Snaab is glad to introduce you its latest line of limited edition snow-masks.

We wanted to highlight the strengths of these two companies, both linked in two different sectors but connected by a synergistic agreement. The passion for fashion, innovation, dynamism, special attention to the use of colour, the perfection in every detail, uniqueness, and refinement of shapes which nowadays are sought after by all lovers of fashion and admirers of beauty in all its forms. That’s why we decided to design this collection that sums up all these real musts.


Each snow-mask is elegantly customised with both logos, entirely made in Italy, with anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses and multiplayer mirroring. Elements that make the snow mask not only an item to protect the eyes but a real must-have for those who like to be stylish and want to wear iconic accessories.                                                                                                     

Produced in a super limited edition of 50 pcs only x color.

logo snaab_preview_rev_1.png

Creativity, Beauty and Sustainibility make SNAAB a glamour, alternative and irriverent brand. Aimed at an open-minded audience, away from the anachronistic dictates wine and ready to use a new language. Wine-on-the-go and wine-bags represent the first collection autumn/winter 2021/2022. The brand strategy is based on temporary collections with limited series and frequent collaborations with brands of fashion.

Snaab is a high quality organic wine, still for bag - pochette and sparkling wine with low alcohol percentage for the wine in can.

A new way of approaching wine,
without renouncing to quality and focusing on the sustainability of a light and recyclable packaging.

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